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Cut-resistant sleeve gloves are made of HPPE extremely high-strength chemical fiber and stainless steel wire interlaced, and the other is woven from high-strength high-pressure polyethylene-encapsulated stainless steel wire, so users can wear cut-resistant gloves to hold it in their hands. The cutting edge is not easy to scratch.
1. Anti-cut, anti-stab, anti-skid, wear-resistant;
2. It has strong anti-cutting performance, anti-wear performance, and anti-stab performance;
3. It can reasonably maintain that everyone must not be scratched by sharp knives such as CNC blades;
4. Excellent ground anti-skid performance can prevent it from falling when crawling items.
Cut-resistant sleeves are a necessary commodity for self-defense tools for practitioners in the manufacturing industries such as clothing production, meat factory, machinery and equipment manufacturing, metallurgical industry, engineering construction, laminated glass, and metal sheet production and processing. They are petrochemical equipment, smelter mining, and Labor protection products in the manufacturing industry such as meat cutting, laser cutting processing of metal materials, disaster relief, and disaster relief.

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Shaoxing Qianbodu Knitting Co., Ltd. is China Cut Resistant Sleeve Gloves factory and custom Cut Resistant Sleeve Gloves manufacturers, which is a limited liability company established with the approval of relevant national departments. It is located in the hometown of Emperor Shun with historical and cultural heritage, the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta, between Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and the port cities Ningbo and Shanghai. It has superior geographical location and convenient transportation. It is a private enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, processing and distribution. It covers an area of more than 3500 square meters and has more than 180 pieces of hardware equipment. It has advanced production lines and product production management modes!

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Industry Knowledge Expansion About This Category

1: What are Cut Resistant Sleeve Gloves?
Cut resistant sleeve gloves are a combination of a sleeve and a glove, designed to provide protection from cuts, punctures, and other sharp hazards. They are typically made from materials such as Kevlar, stainless steel, or other cut-resistant fibers, and are available in a range of sizes and lengths to fit different arm lengths.

2: Benefits of Cut Resistant Sleeve Gloves
There are several benefits to wearing cut resistant sleeve gloves, including:
Protection: Cut resistant sleeve gloves provide a high level of protection against cuts, punctures, and other sharp hazards, making them ideal for activities such as woodworking, glass handling, or metalworking.
Comfort: Many cut resistant sleeve gloves are designed with a breathable and flexible material, such as spandex or nylon, that allows for comfortable movement and reduces hand fatigue.
Versatility: Cut resistant sleeve gloves can be worn alone or over regular gloves, providing additional protection without sacrificing dexterity or grip.
Durability: Cut resistant sleeve gloves are typically made from durable materials that are resistant to wear and tear, allowing them to withstand frequent use and washing.

3: How to Choose and Care for Cut Resistant Sleeve Gloves
When choosing cut resistant sleeve gloves, consider the following factors:
Level of protection: Choose gloves with the appropriate level of protection for the intended activity or hazard.
Size and length: Select gloves that fit snugly and cover the entire arm to ensure maximum protection.
Material: Choose gloves made from a durable and flexible material that allows for comfortable movement and reduces hand fatigue.
To care for cut resistant sleeve gloves, follow these tips:
Clean gloves regularly with mild soap and water, and allow them to air dry.
Avoid exposing gloves to heat or direct sunlight, as this can damage the fibers and reduce their effectiveness.
Store gloves in a dry, cool place, away from moisture and dust.
Cut resistant sleeve gloves are an essential accessory for anyone working with sharp tools or materials. By providing a high level of protection, comfort, and durability, they allow for safe and efficient work without sacrificing dexterity or grip. When choosing and caring for cut resistant sleeve gloves, consider the level of protection needed, the fit and length of the glove, and the material used. With proper care, cut resistant sleeve gloves can provide reliable protection for years to come.

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