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The operation of the multi-touch capacitive touch screen is designed according to the human body. For example, the human body is a conductor and the human body is temperature sensitive. When the finger is operating, part of it acts as a conductor, and part of it acts as a temperature sensor. In the winter of 2019, when people put on gloves to try the touch screen gloves, all the functions of the touch screen can not be used, because the gloves handle is insulated from the screen and cannot sense the temperature of the human body, so the operation is basically impossible. And touch screen gloves are also born.
Touch screen gloves are divided into two-finger touch screen gloves, three-finger touch screen gloves, or whole glove that has a touch screen function. It is knitted with conductive fiber functional yarn or silver fiber composite yarn. While keeping the hands warm, the touch screen mobile phone can be flexibly operated, so that the cold winter will no longer affect our work, life, and entertainment.

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Shaoxing Qianbodu Knitting Co., Ltd. is China Touch Screen Gloves manufacturers and wholesale Touch Screen Gloves suppliers, which is a limited liability company established with the approval of relevant national departments. It is located in the hometown of Emperor Shun with historical and cultural heritage, the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta, between Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and the port cities Ningbo and Shanghai. It has superior geographical location and convenient transportation. It is a private enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, processing and distribution. It covers an area of more than 3500 square meters and has more than 180 pieces of hardware equipment. It has advanced production lines and product production management modes!

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Industry Knowledge Expansion About This Category

1: Understanding Touch Screen Gloves and Their Design
Touch screen gloves are a type of winter glove that are designed with conductive materials in the fingertips, allowing users to operate touch screen devices without having to remove their gloves. These gloves are typically made from a range of materials, including wool, synthetic fibers, and leather, and are available in a variety of styles and colors.
One of the key features of touch screen gloves is their ability to provide warmth and protection in cold weather, while still allowing users to stay connected and access their electronic devices. This makes them a popular choice for anyone who needs to use their phone or other touch screen device while outside in the winter.

2: The Benefits of Wearing Touch Screen Gloves
Wearing touch screen gloves offers a range of benefits for those who need to stay connected while staying warm. By allowing users to keep their gloves on while using their devices, touch screen gloves help to protect the hands from cold temperatures and wind chill, reducing the risk of frostbite and other cold-related injuries.
Additionally, touch screen gloves can help to improve efficiency and productivity by allowing users to stay connected to their devices, even while outside or in cold weather. This is especially important for those who rely on their devices for work or other important tasks.
Finally, touch screen gloves can also help to reduce the risk of dropping or damaging electronic devices by providing a better grip and more secure hold on the device. This can help to protect expensive phones and other devices from damage and wear over time.

3: Choosing the Right Touch Screen Gloves for Your Needs
When selecting touch screen gloves, it is important to consider the specific needs of your lifestyle and the environment in which you will be using them. Gloves are typically available in a range of sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your hands.
Additionally, it is important to choose gloves that are comfortable and durable enough to withstand frequent use and washing. Many gloves are available with additional features such as insulation or waterproofing, which can provide additional benefits for cold weather and wet conditions.
Finally, it is important to choose gloves that are appropriate for the specific touch screen devices you use. Some gloves may be better suited for certain devices or touch screen technologies, so it is important to read reviews and research before making a purchase.
Touch screen gloves are a valuable tool for anyone who needs to stay connected while staying warm in cold weather. By providing warmth, protection, and the ability to use electronic devices without removing gloves, these gloves offer a range of benefits for improved efficiency and productivity. When selecting touch screen gloves, it is important to consider the specific needs of your lifestyle and the environment in which you will be using them, ensuring that you choose gloves that provide the level of comfort, durability, and compatibility required for your needs.

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